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Pisco • Sour

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Long before the Moscow Mule debuted in America, Peruvians were drinking Chilcanos. In the late 1800s, Italian immigrants arrived in Peru, bringing with them traditional cocktails like the Buongiorno, made with grappa, lime juice and ginger beer. Locals decided to add their own flair to the drink, substituting grappa for pisco. They named it Chilcano after a fish head soup that was known for its hangover-curing properties. You’ll find that the cocktail similarly eases the pains that come after a late night out.

The Essentials

fresh lime juice
Ginger beer
Bar Spoon
The Details


2 oz pisco
.25 oz fresh lime juice
Ginger beer
Lime twist, for garnish


  • Add all ingredients save for the garnish to a Collins glass and fill with ice.
  • Stir until chilled.
  • Garnish with a lime twist.
Rum Sweet Easy
Perfect Storm

A spin on the classic Dark and Stormy—a blend of dark rum, lime and ginger beer—the Perfect Storm adds one small but important ingredient: Angostura bitters. Not only do they keep with the Caribbean theme of the drink, they also add an impressive amount of aromatics, which only enhance the rich taste of dark rum and ginger spice.