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Rum • Dry
Coconut Fizz

A Piña Colada is a lot of things—tropical, delicious, a vacation in a glass—but it is definitely not low calorie. Enter this easy Coconut Fizz. Made with white rum, good quality coconut water and egg whites, which give the drink a creamy, indulgent quality, it’s a perfect, diet-friendly island drink. Of course, you don’t have to be on a diet to enjoy it. It’s crazy-delicious even if you aren’t watching your calorie intake.

When choosing a rum, we like something straight-forward and not too funky like Denizen Aged White, Eldorado 3 Year or Bacardi Superior. For the coconut water, opt for a brand that doesn’t use any artificial sweeteners or additives like include CoAqua, Harmless Harvest and Vita Coco. If you’re vegan, swap out the egg whites for three-quarters of an ounce of aquafaba (aka chickpea water), which gets creamy and foamy when you shake it.

The Essentials

Egg White
Coconut Water
The Details
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1 oz White Rum
1 egg white
4 oz Coconut Water
Seltzer, To top


  • Add the rum, coconut water and egg whites to a shaker tin, and dry shake.
  • Crack the seal on the tin and add cubed ice. Shake for at least one minute more.
  • Fill a highball glass with cubed ice.
  • Using a Hawthorne strainer, strain the cocktail into the highball glass.
  • Top with seltzer.