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Depth Charge

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We reckon you’ve heard of drop shots like Jägerbombs or Irish Car Bombs. Or maybe you prefer to plunge a shot of whiskey into your beer instead of sipping them separately when drinking a Boilermaker. Whatever your poison, when you drop a shot into a beer, it’s called a Depth Charge.

You could do this with whiskey, tequila or any other spirit of your choice, but we really wanted to switch things up with Ramazzotti—an Italian amaro that’s infused with orange peel and 33 herbs and spices. Drop it into a hefty German wheat beer like a Hefeweizen, and you have yourself a Depth Charge that’s pretty damn gourmet.

The Essentials

The Details


12 oz beer
1.5 oz Ramazzotti


  • Fill a pint glass with the beer of your choice.
  • Pour the Ramazzotti into a shot glass.
  • Drop the shot glass into the beer and drink.
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Bars in both Texas and Louisiana take credit for inventing this fiery shot, but no one knows for sure who first thought to mix amaretto with rum and drop the whole thing, flaming, into a glass of beer. Here’s what we do know: The shot contains no Dr Pepper, and yet, somehow, it tastes just like the sugary soft drink. It’s science at its tasties...