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Dirty Banana

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The Dirty Banana has its strengths and its weaknesses. For one, there’s that name, which we can all agree could use some work. Plus, the tall milky glass isn’t much to look at. But set aside your initial reaction, and you’ll find that the Dirty Banana’s strengths lie within its amazing flavor. The banana is present as promised in the form of banana liqueur and an entire fresh banana, blended into the drink to provide you a full spectrum of the fruit’s flavor—from natural to that addicting faux banana taste. Both milk and cream combine to provide a full-bodied base for the rich, fruity cocktail. Meanwhile, the drink gets its “dirty” moniker from a hit of Kahlúa and aged rum. The coffee liqueur adds a bitter, earthy tinge to the powerfully sweet cocktail while rum gives it depth, flavors of molasses and caramel, and, of course, a boozy kick. All together, it’s like a spiked banana split covered with caramel sauce and espresso—if that glorious creation was somehow a summery blended drink. You might have just stumbled upon your new favorite guilty pleasure.

Recommended rums: Bacardi Reserva Ocho, El Dorado Original Dark Superior Rum, Appleton Estate Reserve Blend, Plantation O.F.T.D., Dr. Bird Moscatel Cask Finish Jamaican Rum

Recommended banana liqueur: The Dirty Banana is served pretty well by 99 Bananas or Bols. But if you want a more natural banana flavor (and a lot less sugar), try using Giffard Banane du Bresil, perhaps the greatest gift ever to banana-loving drinkers.

The Essentials

aged rum
banana liqueur
The Details


2 oz Rum
1 oz Kahlúa
1 oz banana liqueur
1 oz cream
1 oz milk
1 banana
Slice of banana (with peel), for garnish


  • Add all ingredients save for the garnish to a blender and blend until smooth.
  • Pour into a Collins glass and garnish with a slice of banana.
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