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Frozen Pink Panties

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We know, it’s not a great name for a cocktail. But Frozen Pink Lemonade was already taken. Despite the dated, irreverent name, the brightly hued, sweet, creamy gin drink serves its purpose. It’s the kind of drink Don Johnson would blend up for guests at his weekend pool parties—it’s perfect for sun, surf and cooling down when the mercury rises. Whatever you do, don’t underestimate this innocent looking boozecicle—it packs more of a punch than you might expect.

When making this tropical dessert-tail, make sure that you’re wearing all white linen and reflective aviator sunglasses (careful that pink lemonade will leave a nasty stain). It is also important to know what gin to use in the cocktail. The last thing that you want is a gin that is too juniper heavy and herbaceous, or one that is too sweet, so steer clear of Old Tom gins or barrel aged ones. Drier, lighter gins that are more citrus forward work better in this cocktail. We recommended using either Beefeater, Bombay Sapphire, Tanqueray No. 10 or Hendrick’s (the cucumber and rose in Hendrick’s are actually an amazing compliment to the strawberries and cream in the drink).  Although the drink is traditionally made with ice cream, Coco Lopez (coconut crème) can be substituted in its place to make the cocktail lactose-free. Just be aware that our recipe serves six, so scale it accordingly if you’re drinking alone or with just one friend, because it does pack a punch. We find its best to just keep the drink in the freezer and to drink it over the course of a weekend if you are making it just for yourself.

The Essentials

Frozen Pink Lemonade
Frozen Strawberries
The Details


12 oz Gin
1 Frozen Pink Lemonade
0.5 Cup Frozen Strawberries
1 Cup Crushed Ice
0.5 Cup Vanilla Ice Cream
Strawberry (for garnish)


  • In a blender, liquefy all ingredients until smooth.
  • Pour the extremely pink drink into hurricane glasses. Garnish with fresh strawberries if you have any on hand.
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