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Champagne • Dry
Holiday Champagne Cocktail

Inspired by the Champagne Cocktail, this effervescent tipple is crisp and delightful. Made with apple brandy (buy Calavados if you’re feeling fancy) and a demerara sugar cube soaked with Nocino (an ancient italian liqueur made from green walnuts), it has a fruit-forward richness. Decadently garnished with a bright red fresh cranberry, this festive cocktail is the perfect way to kick off any holiday get-together.

The Essentials

apple brandy
Champagne, to top
The Details
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0.5 oz apple brandy
2 dashes Nocino
Demerara Sugar Cube
Champagne, to top


  • Add a demerara sugar cube to a Champagne flute.
  • Dash the Nocino onto the sugar cube and add the brandy.
  • Top with Champagne and add a fresh cranberry for garnish.