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Irish Car Bomb

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Pro bar tip: Never order an Irish Car Bomb while in Ireland (or from an Irish bartender). Though the shot-and-beer combo doesn’t mean to offend (it only means to get you tipsy), its name is a rather insensitive reference to a dark era in Ireland’s history. Invented in America (not Ireland) on St. Patrick’s Day in 1976 at Billy Wilson’s, a Norwalk, Connecticut, bar, the name of the drink references its Irish ingredients and the way in which the cocktail is consumed: You drop a shot glass filled with Irish cream (usually Baileys) and Irish whiskey (usually Jameson) into a pint of Guinness (creating a type of liquid “explosion”) and chug. It’s a good, fun drink—it just happens to have a terrible name. So, if you’re craving the sweet, malty party drink, try making your own at home. Simply mix some Irish whiskey and Irish cream in a shot glass, drop it into a half pint of Guinness Stout and chug away. Then do everyone a favor and try and come up with a better name for the drink—one that doesn’t make any mention of violence or terrorism.

The Essentials

Irish Whiskey
Irish Cream
The Details


.5 oz Irish Whiskey
.5 oz Irish Cream
.5 pint Guinness


  • Combine the whiskey and Irish cream in a shot glass.
  • Drop the shot into a pint glass filled with Guinness.
  • Drink.

Mix it Up

If you want to take the Depth Charge variation to the next level, opt for an out-of-the-box Irish whiskey and make your own Irish cream at home—it is extremely easy as long as you have a blender.

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