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Whiskey • Bitter
The Devil’s Own

“I wanted something that was rich enough to have in the evening but light enough to serve with brunch, and Irish whiskey can really lend a hand to this,” William Cutting, bartender at The Friend in Los Angeles, says about his morning-friendly creation. Spiked with both bitter orange marmalade and rich maple syrup, the Devil’s Own has more bite than it initially lets on. Cardamom bitters tie all of the ingredients together to create an herbal, tart, lightly sweet drink that will perk you right up after a long night out. “Try this cocktail with a traditional Irish breakfast, or a good ol’ stack of pancakes and a healthy side of bacon,” Cutting says. We can drink to that.

The Essentials

Irish Whiskey
Maple syrup
Orange Marmalade
Mesh Strainer
The Details
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2 oz Irish Whiskey
.75 oz Lemon Juice
.75 oz Maple syrup
1 heaping bar spoon Orange Marmalade
1 egg white
cardamom bitters
Lemon peel
Lemon Slices, for garnish


  • Add all ingredients to a shaker tin without ice. Dry shake for about 6-8 seconds or until the contents feel light and fluffy.
  • Add a healthy scoop of ice and shake again for an additional 6-8 seconds.
  • Double strain into a double old-fashioned glass filled with fresh ice.
  • Express the oil from one lemon peel over the top of the drink and discard.
  • Place lemon slices on the rim and dispense bitters with a small dropper.