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Limoncello Sorbet Spritz

In Italy, limoncello is traditionally served as a digestif to ease your gut after a hefty meal (if you can’t eat more than seven courses, don’t visit Italy). While it’s typically served straight, limoncello also lends itself to cocktails, like this bubbly after-dinner drink. Elegantly served in a coupe glass, this limoncello cocktail combines the sunshine-hued liqueur with lemon sorbet and a lively topper of Champagne. With a touch of London Dry gin, the cocktail gets an extra boost of herbaceous depth, a touch of florality, and some boozy bite. You can make the drink with either store-bought limoncello (we like Don Ciccio & Figli from Washington D.C.) or with homemade limoncello, but the latter is more citrusy, a bit boozier and more true to what you might drink at your nonna’s house in Italy. Whether you choose to eat the sorbet with a spoon—like a spiked, effervescent dessert—or let it melt into a lemony, icy slushie is entirely up to you.

The Essentials

Lemon Sorbet
The Details
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0.5 oz London Dry Gin
0.5 oz Limoncello
1 Scoop Lemon Sorbet
Champagne, to top


  • In a coupe glass, add the limoncello, gin and a scoop of lemon sorbet.
  • Pour the Champagne over the sorbet until it fills the coupe glass. Serve with a spoon (optional).