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For Your Health Switchel

Switchel (a.k.a. “Nature’s Gatorade”) was the drink of choice for 18th century American farmers, who drank it during the harvest to stay hydrated. Like today’s sports drinks, switchel—traditionally a fermented mix of maple syrup, apple cider vinegar and ginger—is loaded with electrolytes and, like its funky brother kombucha, it’s packed with probiotics. Our quick, boozy, unfermented variation swaps out fresh ginger for a pungently-spiced ginger beer and gets a healthy pour of bourbon. It might not be a suitable Gatorade replacement during a workout, but it’s certainly refreshing after a long day at the office.  

The Essentials

Maple Syrup
Ginger Beer
Bar Spoon
The Details
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2 oz Bourbon
0.75 oz Apple Cider Vinegar
0.5 oz Maple Syrup
Ginger Beer
Candied Ginger, for garnish


  • In a highball glass, add the bourbon, vinegar and maple syrup.
  • Add cubed ice and top with ginger beer.
  • Stir with a bar spoon to incorporate. Garnish with candied ginger skewered on a toothpick.