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Gin • Sweet
Upward Float

Created by Pamela Wiznitzer of New York City bar Seamstress, this float starts with a Negroni, then adds the nostalgia one ingredient at a time—starting with ice cream and vanilla soda, and ending with a garnish of sprinkles. The Negroni, it turns out, is the perfect base for an ice cream drink, melding botanically-driven gin, bitter-but-sweet Campari and herbal vermouth with vanilla ice cream’s warming baking spice notes. Plus, we can all agree that sprinkles make everything better—including cocktail hour.

The Essentials

vanilla ice cream
Bar Spoon
The Details
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.75 oz Campari
.75 oz Gin
1 oz Cocchi Rosa
3-4 oz vanilla soda
1 Scoop vanilla ice cream
Orange peel and sprinkles


  • Add Campari, gin and Cocchi Rosa to a Collins glass and stir to combine.
  • Top with ice cream and vanilla soda.
  • Garnish with orange peel and sprinkles and serve with a straw.