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Vodka • Sweet
Roe Your Boat

We challenged bartender Anthony Bohlinger of Seamstress and Maison Premier to create the ultimate (affordable) caviar cocktail. “I wanted to create a cocktail with an exciting and interesting flavor combination that’s simple enough for anyone to make,” he says. “Fish roe and a clean vodka is already an amazing pairing, so I upgraded it even further with notes of chocolate for an all-around luxurious drink.” Chocolate and fish roe may sound like a strange combination, but vodka, along with a couple dashes of saline, helps bridge the gap between sweet chocolate liqueur and salty roe. It’s a salty-sweet libation that’s hard to resist. Serve it to your party guests and watch their jaws hit the floor.

The Essentials

Cacao Blanc
Citrus Juicer
The Details
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1.5 oz elit by Stolichnaya vodka
.25 oz Cacao Blanc
.25 oz White Chocolate Liqueur
2 dashes Saline Solution (2:1 salt-water mix)
Lemon twist


  • Add vodka, cacao blanc, white chocolate liqueur and saline to an old-fashioned glass.
  • Fill halfway with pebble or crushed ice and swizzle for eight seconds.
  • Pack the remainder of the glass with ice until it forms a mound, then pack it down.
  • To make the ice bowl, fill the large cavity of a handheld citrus juicer with pebble ice. Compress the juicer to create a small bowl of ice. Remove the makeshift bowl from the juicer.
  • Place the ice bowl on top of the cocktail and fill with roe. Garnish the cocktail with a lemon twist.