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Whiskey • Spicy
Spiced Apple Old Fashioned

Transport your Old Fashioned to an apple orchard at full bloom on a crisp autumn day with the addition of Crown Royal Regal Apple Whisky, a dash of allspice dram, and a touch of simple syrup. This is an expertly balanced fall cocktail, perfect for kicking back after a full day raking leaves. Or, you know, during. Whichever strikes your fancy.

The Essentials

Crown Royal Regal Apple Whisky
allspice dram
Simple Syrup
The Details
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1.25 oz Crown Royal Regal Apple Whisky
1/8 oz allspice dram
.25 oz Simple Syrup


  • Combine all ingredients in rocks glass with one large ice cube.
  • Stir until well chilled, garnish with orange zest and cinnamon stick.