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Frozen Bellini Peach Cups

If you think about it, the fizz of a sparkling Bellini isn’t so different from the tickling fuzz on a raw peach. While pureeing the fresh fruit may give you some of those grassy, orchard notes, the blender quickly zaps its fun, fuzzy texture. The only solution is to serve a peachy drink right from the fruit itself. But with that solution comes another problem—shrinking a flute-ful of Bellini into a palm-sized fruit cup. But with a little bartop alchemy, you can transform the classic into a party-ready, frozen Bellini shot. Freeze Prosecco into sparkling ice cubes, churn them up with peach and vodka, and you’ve got yourself a chilly, mini version of the brunch staple. Pour the bubbly icee into the fuzzy fruit to create a celebratory tipple beyond compare.

Note: There’s no way to swallow this fruit cup whole in one go—seriously, don’t try it, unless your friends are aces at the Heimlich maneuver—so things are bound to get messy after a bite or two. Because your cheeks are going to get sticky anyway, you might as well top your Bellini slush with a dash of extra Prosecco, right before digging in, for added fizz.

The Essentials

Prosecco Ice Cubes
The Details
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10 peaches
4 oz Vodka
4 cups Prosecco Ice Cubes
.5 Cup peach purée


  • Follow recipe for Champagne ice cubes, substituting the Prosecco of your choice.
  • Slice whole peaches in half. Using a knife, cut out flesh to make a small cup, leaving enough flesh so cups don't wilt.
  • Combine Prosecco ice cubes with peach puree and vodka in a blender, and blend until thick and slushy, pulsing toward the end to infuse air into the mixture.
  • Scoop slush into each peach half.

Mix it Up

If you don’t mind getting messy, top each peach half with Prosecco right before biting into it.