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Cognac • Sweet
Port Flip

A variation on a recipe from Jerry Thomas’ Bartender’s Guide, this dessert-tail uses a luxurious combination of port and Cognac as its base. With a dash of orange bitters to balance out the sweetness and a dusting of freshly grated nutmeg for garnish, it’s layered, boozy and deliciously creamy thanks to the whole egg. For a brighter, fruitier cocktail use ruby port or, if you prefer it richer and more raisined, use a tawny port as the base.

The Essentials

Whole Egg
The Details
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1.5 oz Ruby Port
0.5 oz Cognac
2 dashes orange bitters
1 Whole Egg
Freshly Grated Cinnamon, for garnish


  • Add the port, Cognac, orange bitters and egg to a shaker with no ice. Dry shake for at least one minute.
  • Crack the shaker tin and add cubed ice. Shake for at least one minute more.
  • Using a Hawthorne strainer, strain the cocktail into a footed cordial or coupe glass.
  • Garnish with freshly grated nutmeg.