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Rum Flip

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Flips were keeping Americans happy long before America was even a country. Back in colonial times, taverns served weary travelers and plotting revolutionaries a mixture of beer, rum, molasses and eggs or cream, which bartenders would heat with a red-hot poker causing it to froth and flip (hence the name). Because not everyone has a hot poker handy at all times, the drink is no longer served warm. The beer was also lost along the way, and the molasses swapped out for simple syrup. In its current state, the creamy cocktail is a perfect nightcap or a rich brunch drink.

The Essentials

dark rum
demerara syrup
whole egg
The Details


2 oz dark rum
.5 oz demerara syrup
1 whole egg


  • Add all ingredients except for the nutmeg into a shaker tin. Dry shake for at least one minute.
  • Crack the tin and add ice. Shake the drink in the tin for an additional minute (at least).
  • Strain the cocktail into a chilled coupe glass using a Hawthorne strainer.
  • Using a microplane zester, grate fresh nutmeg over the top of the drink.

Mix it Up

To party like it’s 1695, make the drink in its original fashion (save for the hot poker, of course). Fill a large pitcher with two whole eggs, 2 oz of dark rum and a 0.5 oz of demerara syrup. Beat ingredients with a whisk until the eggs are stiff and frothy. In a saucepan, heat 10 oz of beer over low heat and bring to a simmer (make sure it doesn’t boil). Pour the beer into the egg and rum mixture and whisk to incorporate. Serve in beer stein with freshly grated nutmeg on top.

Recommended Rums: El Dorado Original Dark, Meyer’s Dark Rum, Appleton’s Reserve

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