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Sangria Jello Shot

We have a deep love for all things jello, which we’ve proven time and time again by transforming everything from classic cocktails to Oreos to Champagne into fun, jiggly snacks. So it’s about time we got around to jello-fying Sangria. The party-sized punch is a Jello Shot no-brainer, with its bold flavors and fresh fruit chunks. Using packets of orange Jell-O and grape Jell-O isn’t just a convenient short cut; the tangy jello heightens the citrusy kick of the curaçao and the jammy flavors of the red wine. Suspend fresh fruit in the shots for a burst of flavor and a retro feel that harkens back to the Jell-O salads of the 1950s.
Makes about 24 shots.

The Essentials

Red WIne
The Details
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1 packet Jell-o
1 packet Orange Jell-o
1 Cup Boiling water
0.25 Cup brandy
0.25 Cup Curaçao
1 Cup Red WIne
0.5 Cup Cold Water
1 apple, sliced and cut into cubes
10 Red grapes, halved
10 Green grapes, halved


  • In a mixing bowl, stir the grape and orange Jell-O powder with boiling water until all of the mix is dissolved.
  • Add the brandy, curaçao, wine and cold water to the mixing bowl and stir until thoroughly until combined.
  • Drop halved grapes and cubed apple chunks into 2-ounce plastic shot glasses.
  • Pour the mix into the glasses over the fruit until they are halfway to three-quarters full.
  • Chill for two hours, or until the mix is set.