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Strawberry Jello Shots

Jello Shots are great, but there’s one thing holding them back: You can’t eat the cup. Well, now you can. Made in hollowed out strawberries, these elegant and whimsical Jello Shots are one-bite boîtes. But that’s not the only thing that sets these shots apart from others. Instead of simply spiking flavored Jell-O with vodka, like you might have at college parties long ago, we add some St-Germain to the mix. The elderflower-flavored liqueur brings all the flavors together while adding a touch of floral sweetness to the mix. The final product tastes like early spring concentrated into one gorgeous little package.

A word of warning: Pouring liquid gelatin into strawberries isn’t quite as simple as pouring it into plastic shot glasses—but it is worth the extra effort. Make sure to slice the bottom tips off the strawberries so they can stand up on their own, and be sure to keep a good amount of the strawberries’ fruit walls intact so that the liquid doesn’t seep out. To make the process somewhat easier, nestle the strawberries into a muffin tin for a bit more stability before filling them and placing them in the fridge to set. Don’t worry, it gets easier the more you do it—and you will certainly be doing it more than once. Serve these Strawberry Jello Shots at your next event of any kind (summer brunch, bridal shower, movie night, you name it) and you will get requests for them again and again.

The Essentials

Strawberry Jell-O
The Details
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1 package Strawberry Jell-O
.5 packet Knox unflavored gelatin
1 Cup Boiling Water
.5 cups vodka
.5 Cup St-Germain
25 Strawberries, sliced for garnish


  • Slice the green tops off the strawberries, then lop off their bottom tips so they stand up on their own. Using a small spoon, scoop out the inside of the strawberries, leaving the hull firmly intact so the Jell-O doesn’t leak out.
  • Pour the vodka and St-Germain into a bowl and sprinkle the half-package of unflavored gelatin over it.
  • Empty the Strawberry Jell-O package into a large glass measuring cup with a pouring spout and top with one cup of boiling water. Stir to dissolve the powder, then stir in the vodka, St-Germain and gelatin mix.
  • Set the hollowed-out strawberries on a baking sheet and fill with the Jell-O mix. Carefully place in the fridge to set for at least two hours.
  • Once the Jell-O is set, so are your strawberries.