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Boozy Koolickles

Unless you live in the South, or are just a big fan of Southern snacks, you probably haven’t heard of a Koolickle. These red-hued spears are a product of the Mississippi Delta, an area that lies just south of Memphis, Tennessee near the Arkansas border. The process is simple: you add Kool-Aid powder and sugar to pickle juice and let the pickles marinate for about a week. The result: crimson-colored pickles that taste exactly like you’d think—sweet, savory and a little strange, but really tasty if you’re a fan of bread and butter pickles. We, of course, wanted to take this Southern delicacy one step further by soaking them in booze. Rather than mess with the unique flavors produced by the magical mix of fruity Kool-Aid and pickle brine, we decided to simply kick things up a notch with a slug of vodka.

The Essentials

Cherry Kool-Aid
The Details
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1 quart Pickles
Cherry Kool-Aid
.5 Cup Sugar
2 oz Vodka


  • Pour the pickle brine from a 1-quart jar into a separate container. Add the Kool-Aid and sugar to the brine and stir until dissolved. Pour the brine back into the jar with the pickles. Cover, place in the refrigerator and let sit for a week.
  • Once your Koolickles have brined for a week, it’s time to add the vodka. Empty enough brine out of the jar to make room for 2 oz of vodka. Pour in the vodka and place in the refrigerator overnight. Eat, preferably with barbecue.