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Wine • Dry
Very Berries

The secret to a more sophisticated wine cooler has been hiding in your kitchen cabinet this whole time: white vinegar. Just a few dashes give the drink a tasty tang and add intriguing complexity. Those flavors and attributes are further coaxed out by Italicus, an Italian aperitivo liqueur flavored with bergamot and rose petals, amongst other botanicals. Created by bartender Shawn Chen of NYC’s RedFarm, this cocktail is the perfect drink for a wine cooler or spritzer lover who wants to dip their toe into the nuanced world of mixology. It requires some muddling and some double straining, but the end result is still in line with the familiar flavors of an ultra-refreshing wine cooler. “This low-ABV drink instantly transports you to the coast of Italy with its bright flavor and aroma,” says Chen. Who doesn’t want that?

The Essentials

Chenin Blanc
The Details
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3 oz Chenin Blanc white wine
.75 oz Italicus Rosolio Di Bergamotto
3 dashes white wine vinegar
2 Blackberries
2 raspberries


  • In a shaking tin, lightly muddle one blackberry with the raspberries.
  • Add Italicus, white wine, vinegar and ice.
  • Shake and double-strain into a wine glass.
  • Garnish with the other blackberry, skewered.