Marisa Chafetz

Liqueur • Sweet
Sloe Gin Bucket

The Essentials

Sloe Gin
Yellow Chartreuse
sparkling rosé
Bar Spoon

Traditionally, a Gin Bucket is not a classy cocktail. It is a large format drink that is served at frat functions or tailgaters, is made with gin, Fresca (Sprite or 7UP are also common), and citrus. And not only is it literally served in a bucket, the cocktail is dished out with a turkey baster instead of using a ladle or a glass. But that’s all about to change.

This take on the divey American staple gets a British hipster makeover. With sloe gin (we prefer Sipsmith’s) and Yellow Chartreuse at the base, this Gin Bucket is boldly fruity and herbal tasting. With slices of fresh strawberry and cucumber, the cocktail gets a Pimm’s Cup-esque upgrade. In lieu of saccharine lemon-lime soda we opted for a refreshingly fruity, dry sparkling rosé. In the glass, the cocktail evokes the feeling of fresh fruit and herbs freshly plucked from the garden; it’s lively, vibrant and herbaceous. Drink this upscale Gin Bucket with brunch or at a summer garden party.