Spicy Tequilas for Heat Seeking Cocktail Lovers


Infusing tequila with fresh chiles takes time and can easily become a burning, tingling disaster (unless you follow our easy instructions, of course). Fortunately for impatient, accident-prone, spicy tequila lovers, there’s a store-bought solution: Tanteo Spirits’ line of chile-infused blanco tequilas.

The brand launched in 2009 with their bright and grassy Jalapeño Tequila and recently expanded their offerings to include a new peppery spirit: Chipotle Tequila. With the smoke of a blended scotch, a touch of malt-chocolate and notes of adobo, it’s perfect in a grilled tomato Bloody Mary, a Paloma or an Acapulco Margarita. But we like it best in a libation of our own creation, the Chipotle Tequila Colada.

Photo: Matthew Kelly
If you could distill a Mexican beach vacation into a drink, it might taste like this. In it we mix the smoky, sweet-n-spicy, barbecue flavors of Tanteo’s Chipotle infused tequila with a salted coconut syrup and a float of bittersweet Angostura amaro

The Essentials

Chipotle Tequila
Salted Coco Syrup
Pineapple Juice

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