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8 Badass Women Who Love Their Whiskey


From British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (who claimed whiskey gave her the energy to govern the United Kingdom) to actress Ava Gardner (whose wished to die “with a cigarette in one hand and glass of whiskey in the other”), there have been plenty of whiskey-loving women through the ages. And although whiskey appreciation has become a sort of merit of “manliness” à la Ron Swanson, these eight, whiskey-swilling, modern day women prove otherwise.

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Lady Gaga

Six-time Grammy Award-winner Lady Gaga may never have become the Gaga who slayed at the politically charged, drone-filled 2017 Super Bowl Half-Time Show were it not for a little help from whiskey. ”I have made so much of my music with Jameson. I'm not being paid a cent to advertise the whiskey...I should be. The whiskey has made my new songs,” she told The Independent. That wasn’t the first time Gaga credited the spirit with her success. She once referred to Jameson as her “long time boyfriend,” according to Daily Edge, who is “always there for me when I need him.”

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Joining Lady Gaga as a fellow Jameson lover is Rihanna, who literally sings the whiskey’s praises: “I drink to that, yeah yeah. Oh, let the Jameson sink in,” she sings in “Cheers (Drink to That).” Another whiskey-loving lyric from RiRi: “This whiskey got me feelin’ pretty,” can be heard in “Higher,” on her latest album Anti. We have a pretty good guess as to what she was sipping on out of her diamond-encrusted flask during the Grammys.

Hillary Clinton

If there’s one thing Hillary Clinton always makes time for, it’s a stiff glass of whiskey. From the popular video showing her knocking back some Crown Royal in 2008, to her tour of the Maker’s Mark Distillery in Kentucky during her 2016 campaign, Clinton has proven her dedication to the brown spirit. And, apparently, the feeling is mutual; distillers in DC recently named one of their whiskeys “Rodham Rye” in honor of the former Secretary of State.

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Christina Hendricks

It seems like the real-life actress Christina Hendricks isn’t too different from fictional Joan Holloway, the hard-drinking secretary Hendricks portrayed in AMC’s Mad Men. Hendricks fell in love with her husband over scotch. “We were in Korea Town, and he ordered Johnnie Walker Black on the rocks,” Hendricks told Gizmodo. “I sat all evening getting to know him and talking to him and having sips of scotch. It was a very romantic evening for me.” Hendricks has even parlayed her love of whisky into a money-making opportunity, appearing in several Johnnie Walker commercials.

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Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis was enjoying whiskey and bourbon long before she became Jim Beam’s spokesperson―and helped skyrocket the bourbon’s sales by 43 percent. Ever since her twenties, she’s sipped it both on the rocks and in cocktails like the Whiskey Sour and Penicillin. “I like a little Jim Beam Black Label on the rocks. But sometimes, I won't lie, I like me a little bit of Jim Beam Honey, because it's just a little sweet,” Kunis told Liquor.com. “But always on ice, for sure. A big chunk of ice.”

Halle Berry

While promoting her new movie Kingsman: The Golden Circle at San Diego Comic-Con, Halle Berry drank her entire cast under the table by chugging what appeared to be a half-pint of whiskey poured for her by co-star Channing Tatum. Without blinking an eye, Berry slammed down her glass of whiskey and (jokingly) pretended to faint. That’s all the proof we need that Berry is a bona fide whiskey lover.

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Amy Schumer

Along with a love for Vodka Martinis and Margaritas, Amy Schumer has long been a fan of Lagavulin 16-year scotch. So much so, that the scotch plays a major role in a fantasy the comedian has about former president Barack Obama:

“Obama and I are at a restaurant in New Orleans. I am eating alone when the waiter says, ‘Barack sent you this.’ And it’s a glass of Lagavulin 16-year, my favorite scotch,” Schumer told GQ. “We walk out without talking, and go to Preservation Hall and watch a bunch of different amazing jazz musicians. We smoke cigars and drink scotch and never say a word to each other.”


Kate Middleton

Not only did the Duchess of Cambridge recently outdrink her royal husband while visiting the Famous Grouse distillery, but she also reportedly downed a shot of 120-proof whiskey at Healey’s Cyder’s warehouse in England. According to People, the shot came after the couple had already drunk their way through six different ciders. Seems like Kate is well on her way to living up to the current queen’s legendary boozy behaviors.

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